"We have agreed to be here in human form to experience the gift of spirit in matter. This is a gift that cannot be realized if we are not in accord with the planet earth.

The blessing of being human is the gift of matter. The spiritual path is realized as we honor these gifts in partnership with all life"

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


"The LAST resort might
have been the FIRST response!"
~ Jazlan Ahn

Can we possibly EVOKE an image, an emotion, or a thought form that will summon our hearts to join together as ONE? 

Does humanity have to WAIT for an APOCALYPSE to happen before we respond to one another in UNITY? 

Is mass destruction the ONLY way to prompt humanity to join together as ONE?

We talk about unity and oneness all of the time.  I have yet to see it happen - or sustain itself (after the workshop or seminar???).

What will it take for humanity to achieve the depth of humility and URGENCY necessary in order for a sense of brotherhood to return?

Do we really need trauma and crisis as a catalyst? 

We have seen it happen over and over again.  A natural disaster occurs; a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, flood, earthquake, etc.  People tend to open their hearts, displaying heroism and good deeds, etc.  This behavior is demonstrated  through a common-ground experience of crisis.  

Do we really need this kind of drama in order for humanity to respond in brotherhood? 

Unfortunately, the behavior of good will towards humanity seems to have a limited - shelf life.  It is typical for all to be forgotten -three months or so after the event.

We are living in a world of convenience but there is trauma all around us.  We may choose not to be aware of it or notice it but it is still there.

There is that thing about --that thing called LOVE.  It is still a very BIG THING. 

Somehow western society is moving away from the compassion that prompted the so called "new age" movement into being.

We are more apt to ignore a crisis and keep walking while sipping out of our Starbuck's coffee cup.

"Complacency is humanity's greatest adversary"
 ~Jazlan Ahn

Our society is becoming numb.  When we lose track of our humanity we will truly be spiritually bankrupt. 

-Lindsey Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn. copyright.2016


 The infinite circuit of life force energy is
intelligent and we may speak to it at any time. 

It is running through us at this very moment. 
 It is an essential ingredient in the formula
of forgiveness.  It is something that must
be included in any practice of forgiveness
or the benefit of forgiveness will be
temporary - at best

The other essential ingredient is the planet EARTH
As human beings we are physically compatible
with the planet earth in many ways. 

We have an organic, planetary partnership. 
The earth is our grounding cord to the infinite
 divine current of all life (aka God/Goddess).  

Our human minds are not given all of the answers.  If we knew all of the answers than we wouldn’t have an opportunity to experience surprise or be amazed, elated, ecstatic or grateful for recognizing the beauty of realizing a new found freedom or truth.  This is how we grow and expand consciousness. 
Forgiveness is more than a sweet word of faith.
Forgiveness is not a gift that we give to others. 
It is a gift that we give to ourselves which allows us
to be free of resentment and bondage of
 the illusion of entrapment. 
As we free ourselves from resentment we allow the
resonance of the blessing of forgiveness to be shared
with those who have willingly or unwillingly,
knowingly or unknowingly trespassed against us. 

Copyright.2012.jazlanahn aka: Lindsey K. Delapoer

When we are children we are innocent.  We do not understand linear language until a certain age.  The English language is a one dimensional language based on linear formulation.  It is one of the few languages on the planet that is flat, single dimensional and void of expansion.  The Chinese language for instance, has multiple meanings and a variety of phonics.  The Hebrew language is another example that has multiple dimensions.  It has it's own numerical aspect and definition to it. 


Language is powerful.  Language is found in our media and is woven throughout the web of human society.  It can distract, distort and cloud human consciousness.  The human mind is malleable.  It can become distorted through repetitive saturation of information and sound.  If it does not have the emotional stability to recognize the difference between what is real and what is an illusion it will not be able to discern the truth.  A mind that has been damaged and then distorted through saturation may not be able to recognize preciousness or behave in a way that responds to reality in a civil and humane way.  Why is this?  A saturated mind cannot see the truth or comprehend reality -as it relates to the preciousness of life.  It lives in its own world which is separate from that which could be defined as PRECIOUS.  

A saturated mind  defaults to a program which it has adopted from familial programming, language, media, and societal conditioning.  It then adheres itself to a simulated reality that will support its need for survival.  This program will fight and even kill in order to support the illusion.  The illusion is nothing more than a belief that has been given full control of the human mind. 

Humanity will have to take full responsibility for the program of separation and distortion as an entire community in order to combat this disease.  It is a disease of the mind.  This is not an isolated problem or incident.

When we stay in our comfort zones and do nothing to take a stand for shifting the illusion; we are all held accountable. copyright.2013.jazlanahn/Lindsey k. Delapoer


There are many reasons why ancient spiritual traditions have been known to require years of initiation and practice before allowing students to progress and advance.  There are stages and levels of human transfiguration and purification which are necessary in order to develop a resilient spiritual vessel and grounded energetic foundation.  

Indigenous traditions have a strong sense of responsibility built into the foundation of familial, cultural, and spiritual rites of passage.  

Western society, especially in the United States, has been missing the quality of family based cultural tradition.  There has been an absence of awareness with regard to culture and indigenous tradition in western society.  Cultural tradition is an extension of maternal nurturing.  If it is absent or neglected, there will be a void left behind.  This is one of the many reasons for the existence of the new age spiritual movement.  The new age has offered a variety of information regarding sacred traditions and spiritual paths for people who were not born into a direct lineage or indigenous culture. 

There is great responsibility involved when sharing religious, spiritual, or sacred offerings to the public.  If we were selling hot dogs it would be a totally different matter.  We are sharing information and sacred technology that can potentially heal, benefit, and support spiritual and personal growth.  It is also something that has been highly controversial and criticized in the past.  In many ways it is no different than anything else and in others, it is unique and completely different from everything else (phrew!).  I've met one or two people in my time who were extremely skeptical about healing themselves energetically yet seem to be quite comfortable engaging in activities that corrupt the mind, body, or other people.  That is of course, their individual preference and prerogative.

There is one particular detail which is sometimes displaced whenever we become enamored with our own personal revelations.  It is God.  It is and always shall be: "God's - "Goddess's" Will Be Done.  This is a powerful and juicy little tid-bit.  The new age involves a variety of definitions and translations referring to the subject of God.  I was never taught to fear God.  

I have learned the value of spiritual responsibility the hard way. My point of view is that God/Goddess is not a vengeful power.  It is not something that will enforce punishment if it is not obeyed.  It is impersonal.

There are important reason to pay attention to our words, deeds, and actions.  The soul is auditing our every step.  It will clarify and illustrate the results of our actions in vivid detail.  It will choose the perfect timing for us to make certain that we are consciously aware of the outcome of our behavior and decisions.  We are the ultimate creators of our own personal justice system.

The new age opened the door to sacred knowledge from various spiritual traditions in a variety of methods and modalities.  Within the last twenty five years, the new age has developed and opened up into a giant commercial industry which has flourished throughout the internet.  This has allowed many people to share their stories and prosper through personal experience, spiritual practice and wisdom.  The new age has been compared to a Pandora's variety box of chance, knowledge, information, corruption, goodness, healing, and trickery - all wrapped up into one package.  The new age has changed a lot of the ways in which sacred teachings are discovered and learned.  
There isn't a magic wand that will instantly transform our lives.  If there were, we wouldn't be learning anything.  We have to physically interact and consciously participate in order for it to be experienced as magical.  The mental body of the human energetic system is ineffective when used by itself.

The internet is an open playing field of choice.  The human mind has been known to easily detach itself from physical reality while engaged on the internet for long periods of time.  The internet has positive and negative aspects interwoven within it.  It is an extension of human perspective, emotion and thought.  It has limited manifesting capabilities when it is not consciously engaged with physical reality.  Physical reality- 3D; without it, we are truly lost within the matrix of a virtual no-where

The full spectrum of the human energetic field has taken a back seat while media and technology have taken center stage.  Commercial marketing influences human consciousness.  It does this through the typical application of repetition and saturation.  Information, advertising, and commerce is the chosen directive.  This has also impacted how people perceive and what is actually learned.  The results are achieved in positive as well as negative ways.  The new age industry is no different than any other.  Money has a way of altering consciousness.  It can change a mild mannered energy worker into a desperate, money hungry entrepreneur. 

The path of trickery is a proven tradition of spiritual transformation; it is no stranger to the new age industry.  The new age commercial market has allowed the opportunity for people to explore and immerse the self into various depths of  transformation and healing while at the same time, learn valuable lessons of discernment and discretion.

As devious as it may have become, the new age has been a refuge and blessing for those of us who were not born into an indigenous culture.  It may not be perfect, but it seems to be operating as a finely tuned filter and pin ball machine.

Sounds exhausting doesn't it?  So, what's the point of it all?   Are we tired of hearing about the journey?  Hey, it's all about the journey...

The universe must have a very interesting sense of humor. At this point in time I'm inclined to believe that what we assume is the soul's path and journey may very well be a superficial preparation for something that has absolutely nothing to do with what we have been striving for. 

 There are people who are using scalar wave technology to affect healing.  This is being done with a "Scio" program -also known as "QXCI".  I have no judgment with this other than the idea that people are pretending to be natural healers.  A natural healer does not need or require technology to be effective.  

There are many respectable alternative healing practitioners who do use Scio technology in their work.  They are not hiding the fact that they are utilizing technology.  It is a supplement to their professional repertoire of healing tools and skills.  

It all leads back to a foundation of self.  That's a good plan anyway.  The foundation of self is a quiet place.  There are no images,  categories, languages, technologies or special identities to attach to.  It is a place where we find ourselves no longer in need of any of the information that we invested years of our time and energy learning and/or acquiring.

copyright.2011.JazlanAhn/Lindsey K. Delapoer

So...What is the "Being of Human" all about?
We shouldn't have to ask!  I was asked this question and the answer is very simple.  It doesn't involve very much - just a little bit of effort towards genuine -non conditional- physical inter-action involving
 community and kindness. 

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